Events in Augusta GA-At A Glance

Since 1934, Augusta National golf club has been home to one of golf’s most critical rivalries, the masters tournament; in any case, from 1934 to 1939, the competition was alluded to as the Augusta National Invitational. The Masters Tournament is extraordinary among expert golf competitions since it’s hung on a similar course each year and in light of the fact that support is by invitation from the Augusta National Golf Club as it were. Along these lines, the pool of members is especially littler than that of other similarly respectable rivalries. While a great many people realize that the winner of the Masters Tournament is granted the famous green coat given to all Augusta National individuals, many individuals don’t understand that the title of champion likewise accompanies a somewhat heavy money prize. The original winner, Horton Smith, got a $1,500 prize; be that as it may, all the more as of late, winners have gotten upwards of one million dollars.For more details you can check Augusta Business Directory website

The Augusta National golf club has not been without its spoilers throughout the years. Since its founding during the segregationist Jim Crow Era of the southern United States, commentators have pointed out a portion of the club’s strategies that they consider both supremacist and sexist. For instance, until 1983 all staff caddies were required to be dark, and Augusta’s first African-American part was not acknowledged until 1990. Thus, no female individuals were conceded into Augusta until 2012 when both Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore were offered participation.

A great thought to get a superior perspective of the Augusta national golf club is to procure a plane and fly over the course. Augusta Aviation offers rides during the day and during the night at a moderate rate. Visit the Home of President Woodrow Wilson in Augusta. He spent his youth in Augusta and left his home at 14 years old. All his adolescence recollections are safeguarded in this home of President Wilson which is open for people in general. After this, visit the Morris Museum of Art along the Augusta River walk. This historical center is committed to South American works of art and the displays are enchanting and refreshing to see.